Awarded as the Highly Commended START-UP at the Medilink Midlands Business Awards 2023

About Us

We are EnrichMyCare

Meet the team behind the personal health platform that helps improve the health and quality of life of children with disabilities.

Our Story

The best ideas come from solving a problem you’re experiencing yourself. True to these words, EnrichMyCare, a user-driven innovation was born out of the frustrations experienced by its Founder Saran Muthiah, a Specialist Children’s Physiotherapist. Saran, also an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur was continuously driven to solve some of the key problems experienced by his colleagues and importantly the families of children with disabilities. 

We all acknowledge that improving communication and coordination of care is critical to improving the health outcomes of our patients. This is particularly critical in long term conditions where children and young people with neuro-disabilities and long-term conditions, at any given time, see nearly 15 - 20 health and care professionals across different health and care settings. It would be hard for us to understand how difficult it is for these families to organise and coordinate the care.

Over the past 20 years, I have repeatedly been seeing these challenges, not just for the families but also for the professionals. My colleagues and I spend hours of our time trying to navigate the disjointed care pathways including trying to access right information at the right time, track and monitor our care plans, the time that we would prefer spending with children delivering the much-needed care.

I wanted to solve this very difficult problem that touches the lives of many children. This led to the birth of Enrich..My..Care


A brighter tomorrow for children and young people with disabilities.


To enable every child with disability the best possible personalised health and care to achieve their dreams and goals

Our Partners


We are truly nimble and agile.


Our agile team of Executives and Tech developers are duly guided and supported by teams of highly skilled board members. These advisors have rich experience in a range of fields including clinical, business and technology.


We pride ourselves in having board level representations from parents of children with disabilities, the key consumers of health and care. This operational structure provides us with the unique advantage of developing highly responsive solutions that truly address the needs of our children and families and professionals.