Awarded as the Highly Commended START-UP at the Medilink Midlands Business Awards 2023

For Professionals

We are enabling health and care professionals to prevent children’s disabilities

Monitor to intervene early

Children’s disabilities are our priority

Often misdiagnosed or delayed

Children’s deformities are often missed at the very early age denying us the opportunity to prevent their disability.

Children suffers avoidable complications

Children experience difficulties due to dis-jointed care provision across multiple agencies and multidisciplinary teams. This results in a number of avoidable complications that unnecessarily sets the child back in their physical and mental growth.

Growth spurts accelerates disability

As children grow fast, delays in care can result in significantly increasing the disability within a short span of time.

Children’s disabilities are expensive

Our economic evaluation report shows that the lifetime cost of caring alone ranges from £650k to £2 Million. Commissioners spend lot of money on managing long term conditions particularly when the care spans across multiple authorities.

EnrichMyCare offers proactive monitoring and early intervention to health and care providers

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How it works


The EnrichMyCare Algorithm (eAlgos)

helps identify the specific needs of each of the children using Personal health and Electronic health records and also from professionals and parents


EnrichMyCare Remote Monitoring Tools (eRMT)

help monitor children’s epilepsy, spasticity, dystonia and other unexpected complications along with capturing children’s compliance of exercises, splinting, equipment and medication plans


EnrichMyCare Dashboards (eDashboards)

provide quick overview of the compliance status along with alerting the Health and Care professionals of children at risk


EnrichMyCare Care Team Tracker (eCTT)

provides a snapshot of all the professionals working with the child helping with coordinating care across multiple agencies and multidisciplinary teams


EnrichMyCare Role Based Access Control (e-RBAC)

provides different levels of access to different professionals, so they only see the information relevant to their role

Our secure APIs support interoperability and integration with other electronic health records

EnrichMyCare fits into the NHS Long Term Plan and aligns with NHS England’s agenda of Healthy Children, NIB’s Framework for Action, Personalised Health and Care 2020 (PHC2020) UK Government’s agenda of Technology in the NHS


Our mission is to transform the care for children with disabilities by improving the day-to-day care and the experience of caring for both carers and professionals. If you are working with children with disabilities and are aligned with our mission, we want to collaborate with you.