I get better sleep, no more panic in the middle of the night thinking if I have completed everything that I need to for the children in my caseload - Susan, Children's Paediatric Physiotherapist


I enjoy working as a paediatric physiotherapist in the community paediatric therapy team. The best part of the job is the opportunity to make a lasting difference in the life of the child with disability. More often you carry on working with the child throughout their childhood, its very satisfying when they improve and a number of children do. Whilst it's rewarding, the job has its own challenges. Most of us have a huge caseload and each of the families and children with complex needs do need lot of support. Often we don't just treat the child, we also become their lead care professional, signposting to available support and referring to other professionals.

The problem

Around 50 - 60 % of my time is spent on various admin tasks. Often I have chase up for the information that I need from Consultants, Surgeons at the hospital, work closely with my colleagues in the community, support the school staff to help deliver the physiotherapy programme and provide necessary to social care teams. As you can see, I have to liaise with multiple agencies, communicate with multiple professionals. I have to continuously rely on parents to provide me various information relating to their appointments and management plans with other professionals such as Botox injection, orthopaedic surgical plans or paediatrician visits for changing medication etc. Following providing exercise and splinting plans, it is always not easy to receive feedback from school staff and parents. This is particularly important in a fast growing child.

The Solution

As soon as I heard about EnrichMyCare, my first thought was that it must have been developed by a paediatric physiotherapist.

And as I learnt about Saran's background, it became clearer that his lived experience and the challenges that he has been facing in his clinical practice has been instrumental in him innovation. EnrichMyCare can transform my experience and improve the way I deliver care to children in my caseload. It can help me keep track of all the children's health status, proactively manage their risks and more importantly cut down on my admin time, unnecessary telephone calls and repeatedly leaving messages for each other.

The remote monitoring of exercises and splints is hugely helpful. I receive alerts from parents helping me with referring to other appropriate professionals before it is too late or when the disability has aggravated. I cannot wait to start using EnrichMyCare, one that can fundamentally transform the care for these children.