Personal Health App for children with disabilities

Does your child have Cerebral Palsy, Autism, ADHD, Rare disease/Genetic disorders?

A rare opportunity to take part in a children's health App trial

Developed by professionals & parents

Why should I take part in this trial?

A bespoke solution for managing the care needs of children with disabilities and long-term conditions

Parents/carers receive 1:1 support in understanding and navigating your child's care journey

Capture crucial and timely information and easily share with professional for better care

Access to useful information and resources providing parental empowerment

Your child's information all in one place and always at your finger tips

Essential Criteria to take part

Child aged between 3 and 12 years

Child's care involved input from multiple services i.e Paediatrician, Physio, OT etc

Child presents with more than one problem i.e epilepsy, spasticity, sensory, behavioural etc.

Why this trial/research study?

Test a new personal health app that can improve the care of children with disabilities

Early research with 250+ families and 50+ professionals shows huge challenges in managing these children's care

Evaluate the app's effectiveness in alleviating challenges including saving time and promoting co-ordinated care


Ben Chapman

Project Lead

[email protected]

For more information please visit our web page


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